Even Babies can be Woke! A book subscription box, providing the representation our kids need!

I’m not too proud to say, that I’m that parent that searches high and low for books that portray black children and families, for my kids to read. Reading to me, is one of the greatest things that life has to offer. There is nothing like picking up a good book and escaping into the world that the author has created, whilst temporarily forgetting about the disasters in your own world 🤷🏾‍♀️ so I’ve always wanted (and encouraged) my kids to love reading as much as I do. 
But even as a child I realised that there was something poignant about picking up a book with a Black person on the cover, someone that looks like you or someone in your family and being able to really imagine that you were them for a short time. For me, I had the pleasure of being exposed to authors like Malorie Blackman, or pretending the family from my childhood favourite book ‘Carry go bring Come’ was my family 😂 But for my kids, I wanted an even bigger selection.
Introducing…. Woke Babies!!!
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I have to say that seeing this company recommended by some of my friends on social media, made me elated 😁 A monthly subscription box that was reasonably priced (I pay £29 a month for the family box🤑) that comes through the door each month and contains books with Black characters as well as educational activities for my kids to do, was simply a win win for me. How could I not sign up? ☺
We got our first box in June 2020 and all of my anticipation of how good it would be, was easily matched by the spectacular selection of books we received. Let me tell you, I wasn’t the only one that was excited 😆 my eldest, took one look at the books and demanded that we read each one of them right away. So of course that meant that my grand plan of spreading them out and gradually reading them over a few days went straight out of the window 🤦🏾‍♀️
Oh and if you’re thinking we stopped after we got through each book, you’re sadly mistaken 😭 He loved them so much that he made me read them all twice and then spent the next few days, getting his Grandma and his Dad to read them all with him as well. Even my youngest enjoyed the books that were included for his age group, especially since one of them came with a little Teddy bear puppet that he found hilarious 😂 (oh the joys of being a child)
Although the constant reading of the same books became somewhat repetitive – ok you know I’m all about honesty so being honest, it became a lot more than somewhat repetitive and actually became downright annoying 🙄😒 The beauty of it though, was that I was quickly able to see, that signing up to a service like Woke Babies was great value for money and provided a great product for my kids to enjoy. Adding the amazing books with the ‘Name that shape‘ activity that also came in the box, it was overall, a worthwhile decision on my part – just so you know I’m now patting myself on the back right now 👏🏾


So if you’re like me and are interested in books for the little, Black Princes and Princesses in your life, then I highly recommend Woke Babies. Yes there is a monthly fee – that could be off-putting depending on your circumstances, BUT you can cancel at any time so the commitment is totally up to you. And you get the advantage of receiving great books and activities (without having to search the Internet for them) straight through your door. It’s actually really good value for money when you look at how many books you get, as well as the activity 🤩


You might as well give it a try 🤷🏾‍♀️ although, please take my warning….. you will be held captive by a little person and asked to read the same books over and over again without mercy 😂 Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


You can find Woke Babies at: 
Instagram: @WokeBabies
Disclaimer: As always, all reviews are my own opinions and I don’t partner with any product or company that I don’t use and love.

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