I’m Black, I know the struggle personally… But why should buying Black matter to me?

Hey there, welcome to the conversation 🖤  you’ve asked a great question and whilst I’m not the self-proclaimed president of Black people I would love a chance to answer it 😁


For years, the Black community has been building up its wealth in individual households and then spending that money outside of its community. Not because some great Black owned businesses don’t exist, but more so because it was often easier to buy products from other places. Couple that with the lack of knowledge of how important it was to support our own, millions of pounds have literally passed like water outside of our community and supported others. We’ve not done so with upset in our hearts, but merely a demand mentality – the same mentality that everyone in this world has.


But now we’re beginning to change! And we are imploring you to do so as well. We aren’t saying that you should ONLY support Black owned businesses. We are asking that you support Black businesses first.
By supporting a Black owned business you’re assisting our community by ensuring that more money is pumped into it. This has an extreme knock on effect. Individual households will start to prosper, allowing parents to give their children even better futures and on some level, its my belief that unity in the community will increase if everyone isn’t clamoring for their next pound. Its a win win.


Don’t get me wrong, there are various problems in the community that money just cannot fix (no I don’t believe in ‘Black on Black crime’ so that isn’t one of the problems I’m referring to) But as we all know, a community that doesn’t have to worry about its wealth, is a happier community. A community that doesn’t have to worry about being classed as far down the totem pole, socio-economically, is also one that starts to have self pride, has an impact on those around them and is in a better situation, that then allows them to give back in other ways when they don’t have to stress and worry about financial matters.
Obviously, not every Black person you know, is going to have their own business, but its time to acknowledge that there are some amazing Black owned businesses out there. And its time as a Black community to start unequivocally supporting the community that we belong to.


For too long we have been labelled as ‘crabs in a barrel’ We at the Black Belle Review, reject that notion and implore all of our supporters to do the same, by making it a priority to support the ingenious businesses that are created and sustained by our community.


Our new motto needs to be For Us, By Us… so let’s all take up the mantel ✊🏾


  • Hope Daley

    Absolutely spot on article. I agree with every word. Spread this message worldwide and lets all get on board and keep our money within our community whenever and wherever possible.

    • Blackbellereview

      Thank you so much for your comment and support! You are right and I hope that everyone sees things as we do. Its vital to the success of our community.

  • Anon

    When I first came onto SM….YT to be exact, I came across a man called Claud Anderson this was 2008. I got all the game from him although I believe his message needs to be updated now.

    However, its quite worrying it has taken us this long almost 2 DECADES to move in this direction- and added to your message, we must be discerning and support community minded b.o b because I see alot of them are in it for a money grab or are trying to use the BC to pivot and cater to the very communities they claim EXCLUDE them… Aka white! Using their race as clout and OUR community as a come up for ultimate(white) validation. We must put US FIRST the consumer and the business entrepeneur alike- so that this movement lasts.

    No more talk of “poc” “bame” underserved communities & “minority” bs NOPE!
    For US by us- we need to be black FIRST unequivocally and unapologetocaly like every other community does and is.

    • Blackbellereview

      Thank you so much for your comment! You’re completely right! The motivation behind a Black Owned Business has to be one that is centred around providing for Black consumers and the Black community first and foremost. Otherwise there is truly no point in marketing yourself as a B.O.B. You then become exactly like those you know despise you. Our community has to be at the heart of what we do as well as the desire behind why we do it. Otherwise what is the point? It is time for us to establish our own, so we don’t have to rely on the handouts of others and we can build our community to where it was always meant to be. I will also be sure to check out Claud Anderson. Don’t be a stranger and stay blessed.

  • Anon

    It’s very distressing and disheartening to constantly see so many people who don’t look like me…. especially in beauty, but also fashion on Black companies ig pages.

    Why do u think they are so hell bent on pandering and catering to others? Do they think we don’t have the money, or is it trying to align with what they think is “high status” or do they just take our support for granted and think we will buy regardless?
    But seriously it’s an epidemic on ig!

    One uk hair care company even claims their natural hair range is for “everyone” but all I see is type 2-3 hair and racially ambiguous people dominating her page! The face of her brand is not us! and she is a blk woman with type 4 hair! ? it just makes no sense!

    When I pulled her up on it as she was jumping on the buy blk bandwagon, she repeated that her products “are for everyone” but there were no visibly bp on her page so no.. it isn’t for everyone at all smh. This one example amongst many. The colourism is just insane!

    • Blackbellereview

      You’ve hit the nail on the head. It is truly an epidemic. I personally think it has a lot to do with the brainwashing thought that we as Black people just aren’t good enough! So therefore our money doesn’t matter and the more you can appeal to the other races out there, the better. Because even Black people with money are often treated the same way as those without.

      That same brainwashing applies to many Black people as well. It’s the same reason we still have people within our community that believe the lighter you are, the better or more value you hold. That is all systemic brainwashing that started in slavery and has carried on.

      The company you mentioned isn’t the first I’ve heard of that pretends to represent Black people but really doesn’t. I genuinely think we need to do our best to try and correct their practices by pointing it out to them. If no change happens then we need to make sure other people know that they aren’t who they say they are. They prefer their money to come from outside of the Black community and we should make sure that’s what happens. I’m now personally in a mindset of spending my money in places that would welcome all of me. That includes my skin tone, my natural hair as well as my money. And I encourage everyone to have that same thought process.

  • Anon

    So true I heavily vet companies i support it’s not just enough for it to be “blk owned” when I see these clear patterns of behaviour emerging.

    The weird thing is they always come running back to the community when other people get bored of them, or they can’t compete with the marketing and promotional jugganuant of the white business community- and we forget they were distancing themselves from us all this time, and welcome them back.

    Almost every brand that has gone “mainstream” I’ve counted the clock down to when they are dropped by mainstream outlets, and then back begging bp to support their “black owned” brand- and now all of a sudden u see them as an ambassador for a blk owned magazine they never wanted to be associated with when they were starting out- its happened so many times it’s sickening.

    I believe we just have to clock their mindset and ideology, and simply not support them. And only support brands who suport us! They will soon get the message that the only way they can be successful is through US.

    If you confront them they just deny this or ignore u, or say “you’re racist”, then turn around say we don’t support blk businesses smh…

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