Sweets vs Chocolates – The ultimate battle…. Luxury, handmade chocolates to beat all others

Let me tell you a secret 🤫 I’ve never really been a fan of chocolate 🙈 when I was little my flavour of the month was always some kind of sweetie, but chocolates just seemed to always make me feel sick 😔


As I got older, that changed but only a little bit 🤷🏾‍♀️ I can now enjoy some chocolate every now and again but what really changed was my appreciation for how beautiful a box of chocolate can look 😍 A nice box of chocolates can look like an exquisite piece of art if its put together properly and that is something that sweets just cannot do! 


Now you’ve got a little insight into how my mind works when selecting an edible sweet treat, you are ready to understand what appealed to me about Rose Chocolates. I came across their facebook page and was blown away by the artistic designs of their chocolates. They literally looked like little pieces of heaven. Intricately designed in a way that most chocolate just lacks. Just from browsing their instagram page (for a good 20 minutes btw 🤣) I rightly assumed that whoever made these little drops of chocolatey manna, had to really enjoy what they did. A chocolate connoisseur you could say.


That assumption was spot on (it’s so nice being right 😂) having placed an order for the Rose Chocolates Father’s Day truffles I was ready to put my money where my mouth was and see if this little company, with their delicious looking chocolates, could make me a chocolate lover 😶 the answer? YES THEY COULD 🤯
I chose 4 flavours (yep they come in flavours- be prepared to have your mind blown🤯) Disaronno, Baileys, Courvoisier and Oreo – no I’m not just listing random alcoholic beverages and biscuits 😂 these were the flavours I chose for my truffles, knowing my husband would love them. And boy did he love them….
To be honest, we all loved them! My Son couldn’t stop asking for the Oreo one, my Mum became slightly obsessed with the Courvoisier one and in fact remarked on how much it felt like she was drinking a slightly sweeter version of the drink, (she is typically Jamaican 🇯🇲 so is selective about her compliments since she believes constructive criticism is a precious gift sent from God 😂🤷🏾‍♀️) my husband loved them so much he ate about 6 of them in one go and accompanied each bite with a “these are seriously delicious” along with “they are just so decadent” 😂
Then I decided to sample a couple (whilst there were still a couple left 👀) and my gosh I could actually understand the hype! Disaronno is actually my favourite alcoholic drink so I’m hard to please when anything claims to have that flavour. But I was pleasantly surprised! Not only could I taste the Disaronno, it was done so well that the taste didn’t overpower the chocolate.  So instead of feeling like I was eating a boozy imitation of a chocolate, my taste buds were almost seduced by a careful mixture of the alcohol and the flavour, which culminated in a perfect chocolate (in my honest opinion 😁)
I also managed to sneak a taste of the oreo chocolate – sneak being the key word because prying anything out of the hands of a 3 year old is like facing a den of lions that haven’t eaten in weeks 😏 and that was also so well made, that I actually said “it tastes like someone has crumbled an Oreo and chocolate together and produced this amazing specimen” – That’s a direct quote by the way 👀😂
After tasting those chocolates, all thoughts of my precious love for sweeties were dashed. I began to plot on how I could get someone to buy me a set of those chocolates that I could eat all by myself (in case you’re wondering I came up with dropping serious hints about my upcoming birthday 🥳)
So, there you have it folks…… Rose Chocolates not only produces the most decadent (I now really like that word 🤷🏾‍♀️) chocolates that I’ve ever tasted, they are beautiful to look at and worth every single penny spent. So, go ahead and get your chocolate cravings satisfied by checking them out and placing an order 🥰
You can find them:
Website: https://linktr.ee/RoseChocolates
Instagram: @Rosechocolates_
Disclaimer: As always, all reviews are my own opinions and I don’t partner with any product or company that I don’t use and love.

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