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I can confess that all of the reviews that I write, get me just a little bit excited 💃🏾 not just because I love to write, but also because I’m so passionate about reviewing great companies (trust me you don’t want to see me after I submit a trip advisor review 😂) But this review exceeded my usual excitement just a little bit. Let me tell you why……


I have always been obsessed with finding the right greeting card for someone. I still have all of the birthday cards I’ve ever received – as far back as the age of 5 anyway 🙈 (I can hear your judgement through the web and I rebuke it 😂) and I love to pull them out sometimes, look at the design and see what special words are written in them. 


For years, I searched for a company that made greeting cards with Black people on the front of them. Considering that I am Black and all of my family members are Black, it was important for me to be able to give them a card that had someone that looked like them on the front. I mean why isn’t this standard? I’m a Black woman so it should be pretty obvious that I would want a card that has a Black woman on the front of it right? 🤷🏾‍♀️
Anyway, let’s not digress into what could be considered a political slaughter on the establishment 🤦🏾‍♀️😂
I came across a company called Wild Cinnamon and my gosh was I pleasantly surprised 🥳 They sell cards with Black people on the front but even more importantly than that, all of their cards embody what we commonly know to be Black culture. I can hear some of you sceptics ask how that can be portrayed in a card 👀 so let me answer that question…. 
You cannot honestly tell me that a card with a bottle of Wray and his Nephew on the front of it doesn’t immediately make you think of your Dad, Grandad, Uncle or Brother 🤔 It certainly does that to me 🤣 Don’t get me wrong, a bottle of rum isn’t the only thing that Black culture is about, but it is certainly an aspect that would immediately make you think fondly of some of the people in your life and the jokes that come out when that bottle appears – or even the dominoes that might accompany it (certainly if you’re Caribbean like I am 🇯🇲😂)
Alongside the display of Black culture, I quickly noticed that Wild Cinnamon also had cards that were quick to provide a laugh from me simply by using simple one liner on the front. So, I decided to purchase a few in preparation for Father’s Day.
Now normally, you buy something from a company, receive it and go about your day. This isn’t what happened this time around. I bought my cards and waited for them to arrive. When they did, I noticed there was a handwritten note included with my order, which was written by Halicia – the owner of Wild Cinnamon ❤ Her note kindly thanked me for supporting her business and was such a lovely, personal touch that it immediately made me smile😍 Not quite the same service I get if I purchase something from some of the big high street card shops – not a dig by the way 😶 just an observation of how much my custom means to a small business owner. I don’t know about you, but little touches like that make me feel better about spending my hard earned coins with a company 🤷🏾‍♀️


Upon reading this lovely note and looking at my cards, I realised that one of the cards I had ordered was missing. “No drama🤷🏾‍♀️” – I thought. I would just email the company and let them know. Simple enough right? – but you have no idea how simple it really was!


Having received my email I got a prompt response from Halicia who apologised for the error and offered to send me my missing card as well as another card for free 🤑 I actually couldn’t believe it! That kind of customer service is actually unheard of these days, in a world where everyone is out for themselves and let’s be honest, it was a fairly simple mistake that wasn’t detrimental to me at all. So with that in mind, I emailed Halicia back and told her that there was absolutely no need for her to send me a free card – although it was a very kind offer ❤ lo and behold, despite that, my missing card turned up and included, was a free card 😁🤯


Can we just say EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE as loud as we can please?! Because that is exactly what that was! Wild Cinnamon headed by Halicia, went above and beyond for me as a customer – without knowing me, or even knowing that I would be writing a review about the company. This was purely a company showing appreciation for my custom and providing an apology that was sincere and backed up by actions and not just empty platitudes!


I was already going to be a repeat customer, but that extra touch and display of kindness, alongside abundant professionalism secured the bag💰
So, not only do I encourage you all to check out Wild Cinnamon but I also officially give them The Black Belle Review touch 👊🏾 and look forward to shopping with them again and checking out some of their new designs 😁


You can find Wild Cinnamon at:
Instagram: @WildCinnamonCards
Disclaimer: As always, all reviews are my own opinions and I don’t partner with any product or company that I don’t use and love.

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