I freed my Pitts, Now it’s your turn…… A natural deodorant that provides amazing protection

Remember that day at the beginning of August, when the weather got so hot it felt like we were living in the underbelly of hell? 😰 Yeah you remember! It’s hard to forget heatwaves in this country because to a winter lover like me, they are the stuff nightmares are made of 😭


Well during that particularly ‘fun period’ 🙄 I decided to try out a natural deodorant that I had seen advertised on a Black Business page that I belong to. Now let me be frank for a moment. This could have been an extremely disastrous idea 🥴 Mainly because branching out and trying a different deodorant at a time when sweat was desperately waiting in the wings like someone you gave your number to that won’t stop calling (you know what I mean 😂) things could have gone horribly wrong for me. I might have ended up being in enforced lockdown because of an unfriendly stench 😨 Thankfully that did NOT happen 🙌🏾


I’ve read all the research about why its best to either avoid deodorant or use a completely naturally based one. I’ve even been on the receiving end of a terrible infection that I got purely from using an aerosol deodorant 🤢 So I was always on the lookout for a natural one that I could use everyday, that was as effective as the regular (yet often harmful) shop bought ones. And thankfully I discovered Pitt Balm 🙌🏾
Let me start by saying that Pitt Balm is the TRUTH 🙌🏾 Ladies and gentlemen, this deodorant works so well, in the weeks that I have been using it I can honestly say that I haven’t had any issues with odours from sweating at all 🤯 Not only did it see me through the heatwave and have my armpits still smelling great at the end of the day, it also saw me through my intense exercise regime 5 days a week. It held up until I took a shower after working out and didn’t run out or give into the smell accompanied by perspiration 😱 Don’t just take my word for it, I roped my husband into trying it and he was amazed at how long lasting it was. When I told him it was all natural, he was even more surprised 😮 and now vows to never use another brand of deodorant again.
Pitt Balm comes in these small tubs (picture the old school vaseline pocket tubs we all used to carry around) but don’t let the size of the tubs put you off. One of those tubs can last weeks if you are using it correctly. How do you know how to use it correctly you ask? Well it comes with a handy little leaflet that tells you all about the deodorant and also tells you exactly how much to apply. You really only need to use a very small amount (pea shaped to be precise) and just rub it into your armpits. Then you’re literally good to go 👌🏾 You only need to reapply it when you’ve had a shower 🚿 
So did I mention that its natural? I did? Well let me say it again! Its 100% natural and contains NO aluminium 😲🤯 that was a major deal for me because I know how harmful constant aluminium exposure can be to the human body. Another amazing selling point (as if I hadn’t listed enough 🤷🏾‍♀️) is that you can refill your Pitt Balm tubs. You literally just take it to one of the stores listed on their website and get a refill for a small cost. Seriously what more could you ask for? 😍


There a few scents you can choose from when ordering your Pitt Balm. I chose to go with a pack of 2 tins so I could try out 2 different scents. But I plan to try all of them so I can really pinpoint my favourite. But for now I’m really happy with my peppermint and lemon scents 😁👌🏾


So now you’ve read my glowing review on this amazing and dare I say health conscious product 😍 what are you waiting for? Go and check them out! If the product itself isn’t enough to convince you (if that’s the case I will pray for you 😂) then the fantastic price point should be! Give it a try 😉


You can find Pitt Balm at:




Instagram: @pitt.balm


Disclaimer: As always, all opinions are my own and I don’t partner with any product or company that I don’t use and love.


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