When your occasion requires a card with a little je ne sais quoi…. Another greeting card option

So I know I’ve given you guys a review on greeting cards before…. But I never see anything wrong with having a few options when choosing a cute card, with just the representation you need 😉
With that being said, I have to introduce you to Nicola Le Speare and the amazing cards that she makes 😍 The representation in every single card featured on her website is exactly what has been missing from my life 🥳
Don’t get me wrong its not about someone just putting a Black person on a card and calling it a day 👀 The perfect card has to be beautifully designed, suit the occasion that it was made for and have a design that captures your attention. It has to accomplish all of that, whilst featuring a spectacular Black man, woman or child on it that actually looks like someone you know 🤷🏾‍♀️
The cards that I got from Nicola Le Speare achieved all of the above 😍 They were simply beautiful as you can see! They suited the occasion perfectly and the design was flawless 😁 It’s also worth me noting that somehow, the cards manage to provide the right amount of sparkle. Don’t ask me how that’s possible 🤷🏾‍♀️ they just do 😂 I can tell you don’t believe me so go ahead and check out Nicola Le Speare’s website yourself. You can find the details below and you will NOT be disappointed. You will in fact be glad you now have a couple of great options of places to get your greeting cards from, within your community that are so well made and so well designed.
It’s cool, thank me later 😉🖤
You can find Nicola Le Speare at:


Instagram: @Nicolalespeare


Disclaimer: As always, all opinions are my own and I don’t partner with any product or company that I don’t use and love.

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