Looking for somewhere to fulfill your lash desires? Look no further than The K Lash

So, let me start off this review with a little confession……. you ready? 👀 Here goes….. I am not a lash person 😲 In fact I am not even a make-up person 🙈 I’m not making these statements because I’m going to go into a long winded spiel about my daily routine, or try and convince you that I’m this au natural woman 😂 I’m merely a simple person that cannot be bothered, so just stick to a facial routine that doesn’t involve much time 😂


I tell you all of this not for idle conversation 😁 But instead to present you with the reasons as to why this particular review is a bit different to my norm.


I came across this new business that creates and sells their own eye lash collection and they looked so lovely on the website that I knew I had to review them. But being a complete novice in this area, I knew that to do this business justice, I had to get someone that actually wears false lashes to try them out for me and feed back to me. Otherwise how on earth would I know if the lashes were any good? 🤷🏾‍♀️


So, I reached out to my sister…. she is not only the Queen of wearing (and applying false lashes) she is also someone I trust implicitly. Which meant that I knew she would be totally honest with me about what she thought 🙌🏾


We browsed The K Lash website and chose a set of lashes that my sister thought would suit her best. This happened to be the Zalika lashes 😍 By the way this is a great time for me to point out that the price point for each box of lashes is amazingly reasonable 🤑


Now I don’t usually talk about delivery times in a review, especially because we are in the midst of a pandemic that has completely stressed out all courier and Royal Mail employees 🤗 However, in this instance I just have to tell you how amazing the delivery was from The K Lash 👏🏾 Our order arrived 2 days after we placed it 😲💃🏾 That is remarkable for any business but especially a small business!


The next thing that really stuck out once we had marvelled at the speedy delivery, was the packaging 😍 Seriously the packaging was spectacular. It didn’t come in the bog-standard box or envelope you expect when ordering from a small business. It came in this cute purple envelope that really showed that the owner had considered her brand and the impression she wanted to make on her customers 👏🏾
So, moving on to what you really care about 😂 The lashes themselves! My sister applied them and immediately commented on how long the strip of the lashes were. According to her, this was a really good thing because it meant that they would easily fit any eye shape. She ended up having to trim the lashes a bit to fit her eyes but said that this wasn’t difficult to do. So that means anyone can do it who is used to wearing lashes 🙌🏾 She also made a point of saying that the lashes were curved nicely so were really easy to actually apply once trimmed down.


Once she had applied them, my sister was amazed at how soft and full they were. Now, I might not be a lash expert but even I know, that its essential that any good false eyelash looks and feels soft and natural and also full. I mean, what would be the point in having them on if they didn’t? 🤷🏾‍♀️ So this was fantastic to hear and frankly you can see from yourself how beautiful the lashes actually look when they are on 😍
There were a few key points that my sister thought would be helpful for buyers to know. As well as helpful for The K Lash, because in our experience, every great business likes feedback on how to be better 👌🏾 So, not all of the lashes have their names on the box 📦 This is fine if you only order one set, but if you’re ordering multiple lashes of various styles then you end up having to keep going back to the website to compare the boxes with the pictures. Also, the lashes don’t come with application tips. But this is easy to overcome, as they can be found on The K Lash’s Instagram. Although, that particular post isn’t contained in a highlight, so you have to scroll a bit to find it.


All of the above buyer tips are easy to get over though, when you’re receiving a great product that screams good quality 🥰 And they’re easy fixes for The K Lash, as they grow their business to the success that we know it’s going to be 🖤


Overall, The K Lash gets The Black Belle stamp of approval ✊🏾(by way of The Black Belle’s sister 😉) and we recommend that you pay them a visit for all of your lash needs 😊


You can find The K Lash at:




Instagram: @the.klash


Disclaimer: As always, all opinions are my own and I don’t partner with any product or company that I don’t use and love.

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