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Dessert made to perfection – Callalie Cakes

If you haven’t already realised it from previous reviews….. I have an intense sweet tooth! But i’m particular about the kind of sweets I like. Bit of an oxymoron I know, but hey, I’m human 🤷🏾‍♀️😂


My absolute favourite dessert has got to be cheesecake. Not just any kind of cheesecake though 👀 I’ve got a real issue with baked cheesecake (trust me its a long story 🤦🏾‍♀️) I just cannot get my head around how it can be considered as cheesecake when it’s been baked 🤷🏾‍♀️😭


Anyway, with that in mind you can imagine my absolute delight when I discovered a business  (Callalie Cakes) that makes cheesecakes to order 😲 Not only that, but I then discovered that they were based literally down the road. Which basically meant that I could collect my order with extreme ease 🙌🏾 I HAD to place an order, come on I just had to!


My order consisted of 5 different mini desserts (mainly cheesecakes) a brownie (I like a bit of variety 😂) the website had quite a few options of flavours to choose from, but I went with a Keto friendly lemon cheesecake, the aforementioned brownie, 2 mango and passion fruit cheesecakes and a pistachio and white chocolate slice.
Listen to me guys, the cheesecakes were the TRUTH 😍😍 And the brownie was absolute decadent 😋 I have to confess that I didn’t actually taste the pistachio and white chocolate slice, because I graciously chose it for my husband. I know, I’m a great wife, go on you can say it 😂 But I can happily report that he loved it and has since asked me when I plan to order some more 🤦🏾‍♀️ so much for my workout plan 😂 Seriously though, all of the desserts were amazing and tasted luxurious without being too sweet. They were almost palate cleansing yet totally enjoyable at the same time!


The owner of Callalie cakes is a well known pastry chef called Natalie Sheridan and from the taste of each dessert I tried, right down to the exquisite presentation (come on just look at the pictures 📷  you just can’t beat that kind of amazing presentation) you can tell that each dessert is made with love and a passion that isn’t easily replicated 🖤
I have to highly recommend Callalie Cakes and with a price point of £3.50 per mini dessert, you can easily purchase a box of a few of these heavenly desserts, without breaking the bank 🏦 It’s also worth pointing out that you can get large cheesecakes and cakes from Callalie Cakes to suit your needs 🙌🏾


So go ahead and check them out. Ordering is easily done via their website so there’s no hassle there 😁 My next order is already pending so get yours in quickly.


You can find Callalie Cakes at:


Instagram: @callaliecakes_

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