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The regality that every event and occasion needs – Balloon and event design fit for royalty

I am a major celebrations person! When I say major, please don’t think that I am exaggerating 😆 I celebrate absolutely everything and even go as far as to plan my children and husbands birthday at least 6 months in advance 🙈 I don’t even mind the judgment that is now screaming out at me through your screens 👀 I am proud of my exuberant celebratory attitude😂
Anyway, I tell you all of this, so you can truly understand how over the moon I was when I discovered a Black owned company that does events and provided balloon delivery nationwide! Yes you read correctly, NATIONWIDE! How can you not get excited about that?! Just me? Ok no problem 🤷🏾‍♀️ I knew I needed to order a balloon to celebrate my son’s first day of school because 1, see description of me above, but also, I knew he would absolutely love it! So, discovering A Regal Touch was perfect timing 👌🏾
Ordering my desired balloon was so simple, it is almost unbelievable. Mainly because the owner of A Regal Touch (Eugenia) is so amazing at responding to messages, you’re never waiting long to hear back from her and to get your order confirmed. She was even kind enough to help me decide when was best to get my balloon delivered, to ensure it was with me in enough time for my Son’s first day 👏🏾
The balloon itself was delivered on the day, and was perfectly fine in the box until the next day when my Son actually opened it. I have to admit I was slightly nervous about seeing the balloon, because in the past I had ordered balloons for my Son from other companies and his name had been spelled wrong 🤦🏾‍♀️ Ok so I admit that the spelling of his name isn’t entirely common, but in the name of providing a good service, this is something that a company should double and triple check before completing an order 🤔 Anyway, this was not my experience when it came to A Regal Touch 🙌🏾 Not only was my Son’s name spelled correctly, the design of the balloon exceeded my own expectations and was just perfect 😍
So, if I factor in the amazing customer service I received from A Regal Touch, the personal touches that Eugenia put on my order, even going as far as sending me a picture and video of the balloon, so I could see it before my Son opened it. And the actual balloon itself being absolutely beautiful 😍 I can safely say that I have found the company I am going to use for all of my future celebrations 🥳🎉 A Regal Touch pleased me so much, I am now considering when I can throw a party (pandemic allowing of course) just to see what they create in terms of event design 😁 Come on, I did tell you I was extra 🤷🏾‍♀️ So don’t act surprised please 😂


For all of your celebration needs, whether its event planning 🎉, balloons 🎈, venue dressing etc, you have to check out A Regal Touch. A Black owned business that clearly delivers excellence with every single order they receive. Go and check them out now 🖤


You can find A Regal Touch at:


Instagram: @aregaltouch


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