Looking for unique jewellery that is Black Owned? Then you need El Hyat in your life

So, let me set the scene…. it was Black Pound Day 💷 And I was searching for some new companies to support and try out ☺ One of my Instagram followers (I just love you guys 😘) recommended El Hyat 😍 A jewellery company that I’ve never heard of, yet one quick browse of their website showed me that it’s a company that I need to explore further 👀


If I’m honest, what struck me the first time I looked at the El Hyat website, was the way their jewellery all seemed to stand out, yet maintain the classic look that all statement jewellery requires 👌🏾 I was immediately hooked!


I started looking for the perfect piece of jewellery for myself. Just so you know, that means that I was looking for something to buy that suited my extra personality, with a flair of uniqueness that would shock others when they saw it (do not pretend that you don’t also love a bit of the shock factor 😛) Anyway, I kept browsing until I came across a pair of earrings that loudly, yet quietly screamed “Come and get me Black Belle” 🤣 (Don’t pretend you don’t know I’m a bit weird 😂)


On a serious note the El Suku Bunny earrings were studs that were so unique, I had never seen the concept anywhere else. They were shaped as bunny rabbits 🐇 but were 3D, which meant that when they were actually in your ears, the rabbit looks like it is sitting up with it’s feet sticking out 😮 The design is not only absolutely ingenious but also appeals to anyone that is like me, that likes to buy statement pieces of jewellery that makes people immediately ask where you got them from 😍 If the concept of the studs weren’t enough to get me to buy them, the price point would have completely swayed me 🤑 At a mere £11.99, the price is actually a pleasant surprise and convinced me even further to buy the earrings so I could see if they lived up to their online image…
I can safely and happily tell you that they did live up to their online image and I was so excited when I put them in my ears and saw the 3D image literally come to life in my ears 👂🏾😍 Not only did the El Suku bunny earrings look amazing, they also felt surprisingly comfortable when in my ears 😮 They didn’t feel heavy or feel like they were weighing my ears down (if you haven’t experienced that feeling before, count yourself very, very lucky 🤦🏾‍♀️) They were just a perfect fit and looked a lot more expensive than they actually were 👌🏾This particular point spoke volumes to me and told me that they had been extremely well made 😍 which is always fantastic when buying any item of jewellery. You want it to look expensive yet not be expensive 😂
As you can see, I’m not exaggerating at all! The earrings are beautiful when in your ears and not only am I recommending them and El Hyat to you, my wonderful readers 🤗 I am also going to be buying a pair of them for my family and friends so they can enter into my world of unique jewellery 😍 Whilst I’m at it, I intend to seriously browse the other pieces that El Hyat has to offer as well, because frankly they are officially a company that has my attention and are worth my money 💰 They definitely get The Black Belle’s thumbs up 👍🏾 So go ahead and check them out! Happy shopping 🖤
You can find El Hyat at:
Instagram: @elhyatofficial
Disclaimer: As always, all opinions are my own and I don’t partner with any product or company that I don’t use and love.

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