So Fresh, So Clean…. A cleaning company that lives up to it’s name

So I was moving house, yep during the middle of a pandemic I decided that I needed to move house 😂 Ok if I’m honest, it wasn’t as simple as all of that, but nonetheless the move happened.
I knew that I would need a cleaner to clean up after the removal men had left 👀 If you’ve ever hired a removal company you will know exactly what I am talking about. They do a great job but leave what can only be described as absolute carnage behind them. Its almost like a bomb has gone off 💣💥 And then you’re left with more work than you originally had before they even arrived 🤦🏾‍♀️ Let’s not even get into all the mess that accumulates underneath all of the appliances, that is only revealed once they’ve been moved 🤮
Anyway, the necessity for a cleaner had me searching my directory of Black Owned Businesses….. Thankfully I came across So Fresh So Clean. A company run by a lovely lady called Fiona who exudes amazing customer service with every message she sends. She was patient with me (which was needed since I didn’t have a firm moving date when I initially got in touch) And her pricing was beyond reasonable! I agreed to pay £170 for a 6 hour clean and was truly optimistic that the cleaners would do a great job.
They did exactly that 💯 Once the cleaners had been, I went and conducted my own inspection of the house and the first thing I noticed upon entering the house was how clean it smelled 😍 The clean smell was noticeable as soon as I opened the front door and I couldn’t help but smile 😁 A little bit of inside knowledge about me…. I love all things cleaning 😍😍 So going from room to room and seeing how even the most commonly missed areas, such as skirting boards, had been thoroughly cleaned, made me beam from ear to ear 😍 I had absolutely no complaints about what the cleaners had done and even more impressively, they had cleaned the oven without me asking for it to be done 👌🏾
Now I have to backtrack here and say for clarity that it isn’t actually Fiona that does the cleaning 😂 As amazing as Fiona is, every ship needs a captain 😀 So Fiona has cleaners that she sends to each appointment. But what is important to note, is that So Fresh So Clean is a Black Owned cleaning company, that has extremely high standards and delivers on their promises of providing an exceptional cleaning service. I cannot recommend them enough and have even hired them to be my regular fortnightly cleaners 🖤
You can contact So Fresh So Clean here:


Black Business Review Disclaimer: As always, all opinions are my own and I don’t partner with any product or company that I don’t use and love.


  • Fiona Baffour

    Thank you so much for this review.

    We are truly grateful for your support for our Black Owned Business.

    Glad you had a good experience with So Fresh So Clean and happy to have you as a recurring client.


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