About Us

The Black Belle Review was started following the realisation that whilst there are thousands of amazing Black owned businesses out there, it’s often difficult to know how good (or not) the products and services are. This means that as a buyer, there is often some hesitation about whether to purchase from a company or not.
So why isn’t there a page that is dedicated to reviewing these amazing businesses, so buyers can make a purchase with confidence and support their community? The answer? The birth of The Black Belle Review.
This page is dedicated to highlighting some of the most amazing Black owned businesses – mainly in the UK but not limited to it. Showcasing their products, the services they offer and giving you – the potential customer, a fair and necessary insight into whether the company would suit your needs.
All of the reviews are individual, personal opinions and The Black Belle Review prides itself on integrity, honesty and being fair – whilst supporting the Black owned economy, one review at a time.
So check out some of the reviews. Then check out some of the companies that The Black belle mentions. You’re unlikely to be disappointed 🖤
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